Case Study – Direct Mail Success!

Marketing executives know, up to 70% of direct mail messages get thrown away within seconds and many of them don’t even get opened. Higher readership ensures higher response rates. Marketing & sales messages must get immediate attention and create impact when the mail is delivered.

That was the dilemma facing the St.Louis Rams NFL team.

Wanting to create a “buzz” in the corporate community through the executive network, the St. Louis Rams wanted to market their upscale boxes and luxury seats to appropriate corporations.
They saw the Brandelope and immediately sensed this was no ordinary mailing envelope.

The high impact envelope
that gets results!

The St. Louis Rams were concerned that the message they spent many hours designing and printing would take a flap-first dive into the garbage can.

In fact…A recent analysis of response rates validated their belief that the largest percentage of direct mail campaigns remain sealed in a bland, typical bulk mail envelope.

The Brandelope is designed to get the attention that your company deserves which is exactly why companies like the St. Louis Rams are purchasing them!

If your mailing looks like it’s not important, then people don’t think it is important. Brandelope’s get opened which is the first and most crucial step in delivering your message.

Financial planners, Internet businesses, Magazines…Companies both large and small are turning to the Brandelope for their high impact marketing envelopes.

Direct mail is an important part of marketing any company. Can your company afford to develop, print and mail information that will remain unopened and be tossed in the trash?

Chris Morrissey is the Owner of Proforma Big Dog Branding, a premier provider of printing services, promotional products multimedia production and ecommerce solutions. To reach Chris:;

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