Recession, Depression, Its an Obsession!


This country needs a wake-up call. We are helping cause our own demise! We panic about things that we can’t control and allow our minds to be overrun by negativity!

We elect people to represent us in our government that make empty promises, lie to us, abuse their power, cheat on their taxes and their spouses and we don’t hold them accountable! They claim they are public servants, but the reality is that they are actually self servants, serving their own needs before they serve ours. They pass laws that are bought and paid for by those who will benefit from the laws they pass. They ignore our voices, that is, until an election year is around the corner, at which time they actually try to do a few good things that will give them something positive to talk about while campaigning for another term. As much as I hate to say it, maybe all elected positions should be a two year term? This way they will actually work hard in the first year so that they can talk about it in the second year while running for re-election!

We let our news media control our actions way too much. Each night we catch the news of the day so that we know what we will worry about tomorrow. In reality, what we need to do is stop watching! Stop listening to the radio! Stop reading the paper! These news agencies only have one mission and that is to provide news that captivates you, making you come back day after day, night after night. Most of us watch, read and listen in hopes that we will hear something we can feel good about. In fact, I doubt there are too many that turn on the T.V. and say “let’s hope something terrible happened today!”

The problem is that these news agencies have a dog in the fight. They won’t give us the positive news because it doesn’t have the “drive them back to us” impact that the negative stuff has. Think about it, if the country only hears positive news, we will begin to feel good about the direction we are going, people will start spending their money, employers will hire people and most of the news agencies would go out of business because we wouldn’t need them anymore!

Negative news drives traffic, keeps them in business, allows them to increase income through advertisers because their traffic is up and the cycle repeats itself over and over. So while their “job” is to report the news, they have seemed to figure out that they can control the direction of this country by convincing us that we must stay in tune with every word they say… And it’s all bad!

The result? People are in a panic, banks stop lending, employers are cutting jobs and budgets because they fear what might be coming down the pipe, and as a result, consumer confidence drops and so does their spending.

It’s a horrible, vicious cycle! One that we must break! This country is great because of its people, not because of its government or its media. Let’s take back the control! Do something positive today and tomorrow and the next day! Even if you’re jobless, find something you can be proud of and do it as much as you can! One thing for sure, those who sit on their butts, listening to CNN and complaining about how life sucks, will never make progress. I don’t know one person who advanced their lives in a positive direction by staying negative from one day to the next.

The media says we are in a recession, I for one am refusing to participate!

Chris Morrissey is the Owner of Proforma Big Dog Branding, a premier provider of printing services and promotional products and ecommerce solutions. To reach Chris:;

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