What’s Your Green-Ability?

What’s YOUR Green-Ability?

Originally posted by Chris Morrissey 0n 7/11/2008
Reposted to new Blog 11/26/2008
Taking your companies Green Initiative and making it work for you, adding “Green” to your bottom line.

So your company has a Green Initiative.. You’re recycling paper and other products, utilizing biodegradable and renewable resources, choosing sustainable sources for the materials you consume, utilizing energy saving devices or solar powered energy and reducing your carbon footprint. Which, by the way, is a lot of cost and additional work that you probably weren’t doing five years ago.

Helping the environment and supporting the world we live in is a noble cause, one that we must continue to expand on for years to come. Now that your company is putting forth all this extra effort, maybe it’s time to review your environmental practices so that you can determine how to take positive steps that can help you add profits to your bottom line.  Yes, being “Green” can most certainly bring in more “Green”!

Your customers and prospects want to work with and buy from companies who have a strong background in environmental responsibility. However, they won’t know you’re “Green” unless you make it a point to tell them you are! This requires a new kind of marketing plan called “Green Marketing”. Green marketing involves all phases of your marketing and promotions, from your marketing materials and promotional products to your direct mailers and executive gifts. These all provide major opportunities for your company to brand itself as an environmentally responsible company and make your target audience aware of your efforts to help make our world a better place.

This kind of effort builds goodwill and establishes your Brand as a responsible and caring company that the recipient would like to do business with.

Green Promo Made Easy
The good news about green marketing is that anyone can do it! Promoting your company with green printing and products may have been daunting in the past because they were difficult to find. Today there are many resources for attractive promotional products and printed pieces that are healthy for the environment and your marketing campaign. From recycled leather lap-top bags and FSC certified brochures printed with vegetable ink to biodegradable tradeshow bags and bamboo moisture-wicking polo shirts, the options are endless. These new product offerings are also stylish – often more stylish than their “non-green” counterparts.

Whether you are a green company who wants to communicate your eco-friendly message to your customers or a company who is just dipping their toe in the environmentally friendly waters, integrating green marketing materials into your marketing plan can really help you take your green initiative to the next level.

Chris Morrissey is the Owner of Proforma Big Dog Branding, a premier provider of promotional products, printing services, ecommerce websites and eco-friendly marketing solutions.

To reach Chris: chris@bigdogbranding.com; http://www.bigdogbranding.com/.

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